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  1. I will show you first method that made me money online, Uploading porn.
  2. Some of you guys probably know this method and lot of you are making money with this method.
  3. I want to do STEP by STEP for newbies to put them in the game.
  4. Ok, lets start, so, I can't promise you best results if you are not trying and if you don't work at least 2-3 hours per day.
  5. Also, english is not my native language, so maybe it's not so perfect, and I hope you will get it all.
  7. First of all, this is one of my first $$$ online, and this method is a gold for me.
  8. Today, I am making from 100 to 150$ per day with no work at all (passive income).
  9. And what are you going to do in next few days?
  10. - Downloading porn videos recorded with cam
  11. - With no watermarks
  12. - With no trademarks (intro)
  13. - Register one Domain
  14. - Upload videos to porn sites with your money making link
  15. - Make money
  16. Step One: Making accounts on porn sites
  17. One of the best sites for this method is (not my website)
  18. They will allow everything from this tutorial, and if they ever erase your video, just upload it again, and they will accept it.
  19. So, you can make accound on every porn site on Internet that allows to upload your porn videos.
  20. You can find best porn sites type on google --> The best list of porn website. (not my website)
  21. Step Two: Downloading porn videos
  22. Ok, now we can start with making money.
  23. You will download porn video recorded with webcam (this is best method, but you can download any video that you think viewers will like).
  24. Video should not have any trademark, watermark or any intro.
  25. I found best webcam videos on (not my website)
  26. You can also download video with bunch of websites and programs, I use (not my website)
  27. Now, next thing you have to do is to convert video in .avi.
  28. You can do this either in videotoolbox (in 5 seconds) or you can download some convertors and try different.
  29. If you are clever, you can get premium porn account for free here, but you know that there are other f**ck member change the password, so you have other alternative BE A V.I.P MEMBER on this forum where you have high-quality premium porn account
  30. Step Three: Make account
  31. So, what is this now?
  32. is well known Pay per signup and Pay per lead website that will help you reach your goal.
  33. Click here to register on
  34. NON-Affiliate link: CLICK HERE.
  35. And how will this make my money?
  36. Crakrevenue will pay you 50$ for Signup and 2.5$ for Lead from your links in porn videos.
  37. Visitors will be sent to their Webcam sites, and whenever signup and pay for watching ladies, you will make 50$, and whenever someone create free account on their sites, you will make 2.5$.
  38. Step Four: Register one domain
  39. Ok, only thing you need to do now is to register one domain.
  40. You will not need hosting package, and I will explain why.
  41. First thing you have to do is to find a name for your domain.
  42. You have to find domain with 'Cam' 'Cams' 'Webcam' 'Webcam' in domain name.
  43. You need this because visitors will belive more to this name: rather than
  44. Click here and buy domain at
  46. Remember: This is only investment, and you will probably make this money for domain in first day.
  47. My first domain was and I finished with 30 domains.
  48. When you buy your domain, you need to do one more thing.
  49. Go to Crakrevenue and choose one of their offers.
  50. Choose PPL first, to make some first money, and then start with PPS when you get more visits.
  51. You will create Crakrevenue offer link and redirect your domain to this link, so whenever visitor wants to see more naked girls on your domain, this will redirect them to PPL offer and you will make money.
  52. Final Step: Upload and make money
  53. Here we go, this is the last step, now you have to do few things and that's it.
  54. First, when you download porn video, file name will be something like:
  55. Tina is having sex for first time.
  56. What you need to do is to rename video file to something attractive.
  57. And you need to add your domain name to the end of video name.
  58. Ex. Stepdaughter on webcam – more videos on ( is your domain)
  59. Or: Ex. Squirting on webcam –
  60. Now, when you are uploading your video, make sure that video name stay the same on porn site, and some sites do not allow domain names in video name, so just upload to other websites.
  61. This is an example one of my videos:
  62. image.jpg
  63. And that's it guys. I don't do any promotion, for example, is large site, and your video will be on 100 more sites in only one week, because other small sites are collecting videos from Xvideo.
  64. So you will get hundreds of visits, and remember, when someone only make account, free account trought you link, you get 2.5$.
  65. Imagine having 1000 videos with 10 000 clicks per day, you can make more than 1000$ per day if you make this full time job. ;)

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